What is the best dog feeder?

Slo-Bowl is a Playful Feeder that Lets Your Pet Graze All Day

The “feeding-time frenzy” is a scenario dog owners know all too well: you fill the dog bowl with food and as you stand up to call your pooch, your furry companion is already there, scarfing down his chow. And there is NO WAY to tear him away until every last bite is gone.

As you can imagine, eating so quickly is not good for your dog—it can lead to tons of digestive issues and aid in overeating, all of which lead to an unfit Fido. But now you can prolong your dog’s feeding time thanks to Slo-Bowl, a food bowl that promotes natural eating habits by letting your dog forage for food in a playful way.

When you look down at a Slo-Bowl, it looks like a maze: small grooves twist and turn around the inside of the feeding bowl creating quite a modern design. But there’s more than aesthetics going on here: these ridges are the key to eliminating binge eating.

Think of it like an eating obstacle course, a playful challenge that not only slows your dogs chomping pace and allows for more incremental eating, but also engages your pooch in the process. Since dogs evolved from wolves, it’s no surprise they’d be up for a hunt. Slo-Bowl works for dogs of all sizes, and better yet, it’s Shar Pei-approved! Just check out the testimonial when you scroll down on their website. ;)


Slo-Bowl is made with high-quality, food-safe materials that are BPA and PVC-free. It comes in four designs and both bright and neutral colors, all which have a non-slip rubber base to hold the bowl in place when overeager eaters charge. They’re also top-shelf dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning extremely easy. The health-conscious concept is so appealing it begs the question, when will Slo-Bowl come out with a version for their owners? ;)


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